U.S.K.O. employs only the finest professional martial artists. All U.S.K.O. instructors are required to continue to advance in their own martial arts training and are kept up to date with the most current teaching methods and research in human development through U.S.K.O.’s continuing education programs. U.S.K.O.’s system of teacher certification ensures that you are receiving the best quality instruction available from people dedicated to maintaining a standard of excellence at all training levels.

Sensei Joe Pagliuso
Sensei Joe PagliusoCo-founder & Senior Instructor
Sensei Joe started training at age 15 and has been a life long martial artist. In 1972, he founded USKO and has since developed over 1000 black belts. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, he traveled to Hawaii and lived in his Sensei’s dojo, training with many different types of martial artists. This was the beginning of our USKO style. Sensei Joe is always looking to progress our style and can be found working with our adult karate students and professional fighters.
Sensei Sandra Pagliuso
Sensei Sandra PagliusoCo-founder & Senior Instructor
Sensei Sandra started training after watching her husband train and has never looked back. Sensei Sandy has been known for her aggressive fighting style, earning her many karate titles and being named one of America’s top female fighters. She has been an inspiration to her daughter Shawn and son Joey to earn their black belts. Now Sensei Sandy is very passionate about teaching respect, focus and discipline to our students, including her grandchildren.
Sensei Joey Pagliuso
Sensei Joey PagliusoSenior Instructor
Karate, Muay Thai
Sensei Joey started training at USKO in 1981 and received his 1st degree black belt at 9 years of age. He has won many karate titles as a child and teen. In 1996, he received his 4th degree USKO black belt and in his early 20’s started competing in Muay Thai. He has fought in Europe, Asia and through out North America. Joey has won many national and North American titles, fighting for WCK, M-ONE and K-1. He has been rated in the top 5 by WBC Muay Thai and is one of only 2 Americans who fought in the K-1 Max Final 16. Now he has perused Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has already won IBJJF National and Pan Am Championship and SBJJF World Title.
Sensei Brian Bruns
Sensei Brian BrunsSenior Instructor
Once Sensei Brian found USKO, there was no stopping him. He started training as a teen in Muay Thai with Sensei Joey and saw that he could learn more by training in both karate and muay thai. He is now a 1st degree black belt and USKO Riverside’s lead Karate instructor and well as National Muay Thai Champion. Sensei Brian already has a very bright future fighting for Glory World Series and on some of America’s largest kickboxing events.