• Semi-contact only. No knockouts allowed.
  • Knockouts will result in disqualification of the fighter throwing the strike
  • No full contact strikes allowed. ONLY SEMI CONTACT STRIKES
  • Referee will determine if strike is full contact
  • All bouts will take place on open mat space
  • No bouts will take place in ring
  • Fighters may compete multiple times
  • Two judges and a timekeeper will sit at designated area.
  • If both judges determine one fighter has won the first two rounds then the bout is over. If the judges determine the bout even after two rounds then there will be a third and final round to declare a winner
  • Medals will be awarded to all winners and juniors 10yrs and younger
  • One cornerman allowed per team of fighters


  • No strikes to the back spine area
  • No groin strikes.
  • No elbows
  • No knees to the head (semi-contact knees to the body are allowed)
  • No front or side kicks to the front of the knee
  • No axe kicks
  • No spinning heel kicks


  • Bouts are 2-3 rounds each
  • Juniors 17 yrs and younger rounds will be 90 seconds long
  • Adults 18 yrs and over round lengths are 2 minutes
  • Juniors 16 and 17 years old may fight 2 minute long rounds with their coaches approval


  • Headgear
  • Mouthpiece
  • Groin cup
  • Shin gear with foot pads
  • Muay Thai shorts


  • All fighters must have same size glove as there opponent
  • Adults 18 yrs and older must wear minimum 16 oz gloves
  • Juniors 11 yrs and older must wear minimum 12 oz gloves
  • Juniors 10 yrs and younger must wear minimum 10 oz gloves