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USKO Anaheim is Hosting another competition on November 6 2021

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Since 1972, the United States Karate Organization – Family Training Centers have been bringing the challenge and excitement of our Martial Arts Training Programs to men, women, and children of all ages. Whether your interest in Martial Arts is for self-defense, as a sport, or simply for the love of the art itself, you’ll find the training programs offered here are tailored to meet your individual needs.

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If you want to get into great shape, have a blast, learn a skill that will build your confidence, and meet lots of great people, I highly recommend you stop in and check this place out.
Aaron M., Riverside, CA
This is an exceptional muti-discipline karate and fitness studio. There is literally something here for the entire family, from karate, to fitness training, to Muay Thai, etc. The instruction is first rate. My son has been going here for four years and he loves it! ; )
Chris M., Riverside, CA
USKO is a great facility for children and adults! The variety of trainings for all ages allows for a well-rounded workout.
Tammy M., Temecula, CA
Both my wife and I have been training at USKO for many years now and we absolutely love it! The senseis have a great rapport with their students, both children and adults. They are so helpful and supportive in helping you achieve your goals and they make you feel like family.
Rick M., Anaheim, CA
Very impressed with the friendly, family feel. Really enjoying the classes, instructors and students. Kinda surprised at how much they offer and how active/well attended the classes are. The bonus was the class schedule, which works perfectly for me.
Michael P., Corona, CA